Holter monitor


A Holter monitor is a 24-hour continuous recording of an electrocardiogram. This test can help to diagnose symptoms as cardiac arrhythmias or palpitations that are rarely identified in a short medical examination.

How is it done?

You'll need to go to the doctor two times: once to place the recorder and another one to take it off. The recorder is small (like a walkman) and it can be hooked to a belt or put in a pocket. The system is so comfortable and silent you won't even notice it. It is recommended that you bathe before you go to the doctor’s office because once you are fitted with the Holter monitor you cannot get it wet in the shower or bath tub. You can do your normal activities except those that can get the Holter monitor wet. It is also better to wear loose clothing.

During the test you will need to keep a diary of your activities. It is very important that you accurately record your symptoms and activities so that the doctor can correlate them with your Holter monitor findings.

There are some variations of this test, depending of the equipment used.