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Ever twisted an ankle? Fall and take a nasty bump from hitting a hard surface? How about break or fracture a bone? Maybe you suffer from arthritis? Odds are, you have experienced pain, and you have experienced inflammation. This is the area around the joints that gets red and puffy, feels hot and is tender to the touch.


Inflammation is the reaction your body undergoes when something goes wrong in your joints. The inflammation responses of your body cause the area around the joints to swell and become painful.
The types of pain caused by inflammation area acute and chronic. Acute inflammation causes pain that lasts a short time, but is intense.
Chronic inflammation causes constant pain and swelling that can last for years. Over 40 million people suffer from inflammation of the joints. It is caused by joint weakness, injury to a joint from mechanical trauma or autoimmune diseases, as well as a life's worth of use.
Acute inflammation leads to chronic inflammation. Over time, loss of function occurs and the activities we love to do such as gardening, playing piano, writing a letter or taking a walk becomes unpleasant because of the pain and stiffness. Joints with this kind of pain and limited flexibility can keep you from living freely because the inflammation can return again and again.
Chronic inflammation weakens a substance called collagen, and the connective tissue molecules associated with collagen. Collagen is a protein building block of connective tissue that includes cartilage and ligaments. It is essential for healthy joints. When the collagen breaks down in the joint area, your cartilage cannot absorb the impact of an active lifestyle and, eventually, everyday activities. Your ligaments lose their flexibility. This process can cause an accumulation of fluid on your joints, and you begin to lose important lubrication that helps the joints to move painlessly and correctly.

Glucosatrin is a nutritional approach for healthy joints and cartilage using special nutrients and herbs. It helps to relieve joint stiffness caused by over activity or the overall wear and tear from growing old or being overweight.
Glucosatrin is a combination of naturally occurring glucosamine and herbs that work synergistically to help control joint stiffness and helps to maintain healthy mobile joint functions. It is most effective when combined with a good dietary and exercise program. You can maximize your results using this product and adding OPC's and Vitamin C. Both nutrients help in collagen synthesis and are available in our store.

Glucosatrin uses safe and effective ingredients. Each ingredient of this unique advanced formula has been used for years - but never before in this unique combination.


Glucosamine is a small molecule that your body can absorb and use readily, and is naturally found in your joints. Glucosamine promotes the stability and flexibility of all your joint parts by acting as a chemical building block for cartilage. This biochemical promotes the regeneration of damaged cartilage which means it can help support healthy cartilage tissue.

Oleanolic Acid is a natural ingredient that comes froma an extract of the Ligustrum plant. It is a Cyclo-xygenase (COX 2) inhibitor that is important for the maintenance of normal inflammatory response mechanisms.

Scutellaria is the dried root of the Scutellaria baicalensis plant, a powerful Chinese herb used for a thousand years. It is a natural Cox 2 inhibitor and can play a role in both acute and chronic inflammation.

Boswellia Resin is a purified extract from the Boswellia Tree of India. Its active contituents include boswellic acids. Boswellic acids have shown to inhibit certain enzymes that can generate inflammatory responses.

The Chemical Teamwork Approach to Protecting Cartilage

Glucosatrin supplies glucosamine building blocks for the synthesis of cartilage and herbs for suppressing inflammation. When used at the same time as this product, complementary nutritional supplements can strengthen and stabilize the collagen that is already in place in the joints. For example, vitamin C is an antioxidant that can neutralize oxygen radicals known to be released by inflammatory cells. Also, vitamin C is an effective reducing agent that maintains an enzyme called prolyl hdroxylase in an active form. When prolyl hydroxylase is active, it can hydroxylate (add an -OH group) to proline, an amino acid that forms one of the many links in collagen. This hydroxylation helps to stabilize and dramatically strengthen the collagen molecule. A severe nutritional deficiency of vitamin C can lead to scurvy and greatly weaken collagen throughout the body. In a similar fashion, the bioflavonoids in Isotonix OPC can scavenge oxygen radicals at the site of inflammation, and they can help to keep vitamin C in an active state for its own participation in radical scavenging and as a co-factor in collagen synthesis. The proanthocyanidins are also known to stabilize collage by forming cross-links between the long molecules of collagen. In addition, when two bioflavonids found in OPC are bound to collagen, the resultant collagen is resistant to the tissue-remodeling enzymes collagenase and hyaluronidase. Therefore, collagen may not be degraded as quickly by inflammatory cells, which are secreting these enzymes. Lastly, bioflavoniods can impede capillary leaking caused by inflammation and slow tissue swelling. Therefore, the protection and potential restoration of collagen might be achieved by a combination of nutritional supplements.

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